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Dedicated to the welfare of our best friends

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Our Values regarding Dogs

We believe that dogs are much more than just pets. Our philosophy is to treat all dogs in our care with the same love & dedication we would with our own. Since 2019, we have prioritized building relationships and employing humane practices that enhance the physical and mental well-being of every dog we see. With a deep understanding and compassion for the bond between humans and dogs, we strive to create a harmonious environment that fosters trust, confidence, and life-long friendships. We firmly believe in the transformative benefits of kind and compassionate treatment of all dogs

Mark Yates

Owner; Lead walker/trainer

I grew up in a dog loving household. We got our first dog, Daisy, as a puppy and a few years later, her sister, Maggie joined our family. For 15 years, our Two Little Yorkies brought joy, love & companionship to our lives and they will always be remembered fondly.


In 2018, I entered the dog care industry, serving as a dog walker for a large company, and began learning clicker training with the folks at When Hounds Fly. A year later, I formed TLY and slowly went independent.

Over the last 6 years, working with dogs has been a life changing experience. I strive everyday to provide the best possible care for my clients because I truly understand what it means to love a dog like family.


Currently, I am seeking certification as a dog trainer (CAPDT, CCPDT, KPA etc.) with plans to continue my education in dog behaviour and humane training practices.

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